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Biomass Energy



Biomass is not widely used as a power or gas source in Armenia. Annual potential of Armenia for receiving biogas is about 135 million m3 and we have just initiated its utilization.

A contract  between Yerevan Municipality and Japan Shimizu Corporation was signed for implementation of Nubarashen Solid Waste Landfill Gas Capture and Power Generation CDM (clean development mechanism) Project in Yerevan.

According to calculations of Shimizu Corporation implementation of each phase of the mentioned project will result to annual creation of certificated reduction of CO2 emissions  equal  at least 56000 t.


 The Fund for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency of Armenia by the assistance of WB and GEF grant organized elaboration of study on “Assessment of Bioethanol Production, Potential Utilization and Perspectives in Armenia”.

In the Republic of Armenia the project of Bioethanol production is suggested to investors. Download here