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Scientific Research Institute of Energy

Scientific Research Institute of Energy


The history of Scientific Research Institute of Energy (SRIE) has begun since 1948. From the period of 1948 – 1963 it acted within the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia as a Laboratory of Electrical Engineering and then as an Institute, and since 1961 as the Institute of Energy. During 1963-1992 the Institute was under the structure of the Ministry of Energy and Electrification of USSR. In those years, a number of departments were separated from the Institute on the bases of which have been founded 4 Research Institutes. SRIE was operating within the RA Ministry of Energy since 1992 and since 2008 - within the RA Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and has Energy Strategy Centre.

The main directions of SRIE activities:

Forecast of the Development of Energy System:

  • Data gathering and analysis of the statistical information on the demand of electricity and thermal energy,
  • Forecasting of the electricity and thermal energy demand in the economy sectors and sub-sectors,
  • Studies on energy sector development strategies,
  • Development of the business plans for the Energy Facilities.

Pricing and Tariff Stabilization:

  • Development of the technical and economical measures for the tariffs stabilization,
  • Assessment of the energy market’s possible scenarios impacts on the tariffs,
  • Study of the pricing mechanisms in market conditions.

Energy System Management:

  • Review of the wholesale market organization for energy and capacity,
  • Experience analysis, development of the programs for the establishment of the interconnections in the countries of the region,
  • Scientific assistance to the privatization.

Losses in electrical networks:

  • Calculations, forecast and analysis of the normative losses,
  • Development of the technical and organizational measures targeted to the reduction of losses,
  • Design and introduction of the electricity automotive computing systems in networks,
  • Rating of the amount of self-consumption needs in power stations and 35/110/220 kV substations.

Energy Saving and Alternative Energy:

  • Assessment of energy saving issues and energy sources,
  • Development and passport system of the technical characteristics of power facilities,
  • Development of the energy saving measures,
  • Research of the rational use of alternative energy sources.

Power system operation modes:

  • Development of the measures to the stabilization and reliability improvement of power system,
  • Calculation and optimization of the electrical networks regimes,
  • Study of steady-state and transient regimes of interconnections.

Licensed activities: 

  • Publishing and dissemination of legislative acts and normative documents,
  • Project engineering, establishment of the shapes for the sites of engineering equipment and residential areas,
  • Design of the engineering networks and systems (power supply, lighting, electrical heating),
  • Energy measurements by an accredited laboratory.

Standards and norms:

  • Development of the documentary projects, standards, methodologies and other instruments addressed to the improvement of the international normative harmonized technical regulations and rules,
  • Harmonization of standards with international standards.

Information service and capacity building:

  • Publishing of news bulletins reflecting the last developments in the sector,
  • Provision of energy system facilities with the technical normative documents,
  • Provision of consulting services in all areas of electrical networks and systems,
  • Training of scientific staff in postgraduate study,
  • Training of Energy system officials, engineering and technical staff through the periodic courses.


CJSC "Scientific-Research Institute of Energy" offers the following software packages ready for implementation that are provided for solving practical problems of managing network society:

- calculation, analysis of power losses in the networks of 110 kV and above and their automation;

- calculation, analysis and optimization of power losses in the networks of 35-6(10) -0.38 kV;

- techno-economic audit of fixed assets in the network society;

- automation of fixed assets of production in the network society;

- calculation program of the standard number of staff in the network society;

- implementation program of accounting and analysis of sales activities for the network society.


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