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Settlement Center

The "Settlement Centre" CJSC was founded on October 10, 2002, according to RA government resolution. It was registered on October 31, 2002 in Myasnikyan local department of RA register of legal persons.

"The Company was founded to make power and energy calculations in wholesale market of electro-energy. The legislative budget of Company is 304,62 million AMD, which is equal to 30462 simple personalized stokes (the price of one stoke is 10 000 AMD).
According to organization policy the Company is commercial legal person, 100 % of stokes is privacy of RA government.
The prices of "Computation Centre" services in energy market are established by RA Commission on Public Services Regulation.

Since October 1, 2004 the "Computation Centre" CJSC has agreement with "Armenian Energy Systems" CJSC and provides computing services to energy market participants.
The main directions of activities are: 
- To calculate produced, delivered, imported, exported and purchased energy/ power
- To compile energy sale and purchasing acts 
- To calculate technology and inadvertent losses in wholesale energy market.
- To calculate intersystem flows in local energy systems.
- To operate and maintain energy systems` commercial power automation systems. 
- To coordinate power calculation commercial and meter extraordinary and planned check-ups

 General Director: Mkrtich Jalalyan
Address: Abovyan st. 27, Yerevan
Phone (+374) 10 582791, (+374) 10 565353