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Geothermal Energy

Investigations have been conducted to reveal the precise sites of geothermal energy sources for construction of geothermal power plant.

One of these sites is Jermaghbyur, where according to geological and geophysical explorations high pressure (20-25 atmosphere pressure) hot water /up to 250օC/   resources is considered to be available in depth of 2500-3000 meter. In case of confirmation of this data, it will be possible to construct the first geothermal power plant in Armenia with 25MW capacity in this area.

 The pre-feasibility study for the Jermaghbyur geothermal station download here

In the framework of the joint financial inputs of RA and International Bank of Reconstruction and Development the relevant geological, geophysical explorations were completed at two geothermal landings called “Gridzor” and “Karkar”.

Renewable Energy Investment Plan for Armenia was approved in the framework of the “Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Program (SREP)” of the Climate Investment Funds, according to which in 2016 the geological drilling works carried out at geothermal landing called “Karkar”.


Within the framework of ratified by Presidential Decree N NH-467-N dated July 21, 2015, Exploratory Drilling Program /grant N TFOAO544/ implemented by the support of the World Bank, it is foreseen to construct Geothermal Power Plant at Karkar site, Syuniq Region, Armenia. «Preliminary Cost Calculations for Karkar Geothermal Power Plant» and 2 narrow wells exploratory drilling results have been prepared by Icelandic «Verkis» Company.

Within the framework of Exploratory Drilling Program it is foreseen to find investment companies with international experience for the construction of Geothermal /Organic Rankin Cycle operating/ Power Plant at Karkar Geothermal site. Wells test reports as well as the final cost calculation reports have been sent to more than 50 international investors by e-mail.

At present works are being carried out for the package solution of geothermal power plant construction projects in Armenia with participation of one single investor for «Jermaghbyur» and «Karkar» sites.