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"Gasprom Armenia" CJSC

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About "Gasprom Armenia" Company   

"Gasprom Armenia" CJSC is the "Gazprom"’s subsidiary company.  

‘’Gazprom" CJSC is the only stockholder of the company. 

"Gasprom Armenia" CJSC provides the natural gas supply and sale in the internal market of the Republic of Armenia.   

The total length of gas pipelines and the pipeline branches of the gas transportation system servicing by the Company is 1841.2 km.  

The 3838 km of high and medium pressure and 7508 km of low pressure gas pipelines, as well as ancillary engineering structures operated in the gas distribution system. 

The main types of activity of the Company are:

-Natural gas transportation, storage, processing, distribution and marketing,  

-Manufacture and realization of electricity, including the third countries,  

- Reconstruction and expansion of the existing gas transportation and gas distribution systems and underground storage facilities,  

- Operational reliability and security providing of the objects of gas field 

- Design, financing, construction and operation of gas pipeline systems and infrastructure in the territory of the Republic of Armenia and of third countries 

- Organization and implementation of investment programs  

- Trade activity. 

The structure of "Gasprom Armenia" CJSC has a vertically integrated nature. 

The company has 15 gas supply branch (GLI) of territorial principle, an "Engineering Center" branch, 6 subsidiary companies, as well as the "Hrazdan-5 Construction Directorate" institution. 

"Gasprom Armenia" CJSC is one of the biggest among employers, with more than 7,000 employees.


Gas transportation and gas distribution systems 

 The total length of the pipeline- branches serviced in gas transmission pipeline system is 1841.2 km.

 The gas transportation is carried through the 1539.9 km pipeline.

The remaining part is on the operative reserve mode.


The gas transportation system covers:

• 75 gas distribution stations

• 21 measuring units, including the "Koghb" gas measuring station on the

Armenia-Georgia border

• 237 linear valves in the linear part of the pipeline, of which 28 are on the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline

• 168 stations of electrochemical protection, including 153 cathodically and the 15 of drainage

•The Abovyan's underground gas storage station with the capacity of 135 million cubic meters, with 20 underground cisterns and fueling.

The 3838 km of high and medium pressure and 7508 km of low pressure gas pipelines, as well as ancillary engineering structures operated in the gas distribution system.

For the purpose of exploitation of the gas distribution system are operating 2555 gas regulation points and 6650 points of personal gas regulators.



Today, the gasification level of Armenia is around 95 percent, and with this indicator country is among the world leaders.

Today 594 localities are using natural gas in Armenia.


Chairman of the Board,General Director - Hrant Tadevosyan

RA, Yerevan, 0091, Tbilisyan st. 43

fax: (37410) 29 47 28




Iran-Armenia gas pipeline

The company implemented a large, unique and technically complicated project, the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline construction, which allows to expand the resource base of natural gas supply and create the second technological entrance to the Republic of Armenia.

In order to deliver the contractual volume of the Iranian gas to the central regions of Armenia it had been necessary to expand the existing gas transportation system towards the southern direction of the country.

For this purpose, by the company  "ArmRosGazprom" there was constructed a new gas pipeline of 720 mm diameter and of about 190 km of total length and were been restored the system's linear segments of 60 km total length.

The 3 years of pipeline construction works were carried out in difficult climatic conditions: the segment of the pipeline passes in altitude about 3000 meters above the sea level.


The construction completion and modernization of the 5th unit of Hrazdan TPP 

"Hrazdan 5" is a unique institution with the newest technological solutions not only in Armenia, but also in the all gas and energy sector of the region.

A new method for the production of electric power is applied here, combining the steam turbine and gas turbine technologies.  

The operation of the unit provides the participation in electricity production in the countrie's internal market and to create and develop programs in the export markets direction.