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Power system - Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Wind Energy Program in Armenia

In 2003, the Wind Energy Resource Atlas of Armenia was drawn. According to it, economically reasonable wind power potential is estimated at 450 MW total installed capacity and at electric power output of 1.26 billion kWh/y. The main promising locations are the Zod (Sotk) Pass, Bazum Range, Pushkin and Qarakhach Passes, Jajur Pass, Geghama Range, Sevan Pass, Aparan Region, Sisian-Goris Hills and Meghri Area.




In December 2005, for the first time in Armenia and in the Caucasus a grid-connected wind-power plant with capacity of 2.6 MW was put into operation at Pushkin Pass. In the future it is foreseen to enlarge the wind power plant capacity up to 50 MW.


Within the European Union program a monitoring in the Semenovka Pass in Sevan region was organized and a preliminary feasibility study for the construction of a wind power plant with a total installed capacity of 35 MW was compiled. 



Within the framework of wind energy program of Armenian - Italian private company “Ar Energy”, a monitoring was completed at Qarakhach Pass in Shirak region, for the construction of 140 MW wind power plant.

The company "Zod Wind" has completed the monitoring within the framework of wind energy program near Zod Pass in Gegharkunik region, for the construction of 20 MW wind power plant.

The private companies “Ar Energy” and “Zod Wind” are negotiating with various companies to attract investments for the construction of “Qarakhach-1” and “Zod” wind power plants.




Summarizing the legislative acts, it should be mentioned that the Republic of Armenia has created numerous mechanisms, promoting the use of renewable energy sources, for example:

According to the article 59 of the “Law on Energy” of RA, adopted on 7 March 2001,  it is guaranteed the purchase of the whole electricity generated by renewable energy sources according to the established order -15 years for SHPPs, and 20 years for solar, wind, biomass and geothermal.

      By the the procedure for determining the electricity tariff produced by the power plants using the renewable energy sources was approved. According to it, the tariff for the solar energy is set on an annual basis. According to the Public Services Regulatory Commission decision N 159-N dated 29 May, 2019 the tariff for wind power plants the for the period from 01.07.2019 to 01.07.2020 amounts 43,585 dram / kWxh excluding VAT (licensed before 01.11.2018), and  for wind power plants with up to 30 MW (including) installed capacity amounts 24,233 dram / kWxh (licensed after 01.11.2018). This tariff is determined and revised due to the definite method adopted by the Commission  decision N 88-N dated 22 April, 2015.In accordance with the above-mentioned procedure, in the end of every year the tariff for the wind energy is indexed due to the fluctuations in the national currency of Armenia against the USD for a certain period of time and due to the changes of consumer prices in the Republic of Armenia. The tariff for wind power plants with more than 30MW is reviewed within the framework of separate investment projects.

As of January 1, 2019 electricity was generated by 2 wind power plants with about total 2.9 MW installed capacity and 2 wind power plants with about 5.3 MW capacity is under construction


«Acciona Energy Global SL» Spain company

By the Memorandum of Understanding signed on March 30, 2017 between the Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources of RA and «Acciona Energy Global SL» company on Wind Power Plant Construction Program in Armenia, it is foreseen to construct wind power plants with capacity of 100-150 MW.  In December 2017, the company started implementation of the wind potential assessment. Two 80 meters height Wind Monitoring Stations and one «Sodar» system were installed. Each station is equipped with 8 anemometers, 3 weathercocks, 2 thermo hygrometers and 1 atmospheric pressure gauge.


«Access Infra Central Asia Limited» United Arab Emirates Company

According to relevant decision of the Government of Armenia dated March 30, 2017 an assistance is provided to «Access Infra Central Asia Limited» United Arab Emirates Company for construction of wind power stations in Armenia with capacity up to 150 MW. An 80 meters height Wind Monitoring Station has been installed, which is expected to be operated soon. Another one is planned to be installed in April, 2018.