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Hydro Energy

Hydro power plants in Armenia


At present hydro resources are the most widely used among the renewable energy resources. Utilization of the whole hydro potential will be obtained by using the existing two major hydro power plants (HPP) cascades (Sevan-Hrazdan HPPs Cascade and Vorotan HPPs Cascade), construction of three new middle size HPPs and utilization of small HPPs potential. Currently among the large rivers still unused in regard to energy needs are the Debet River with its Dzoraget stream and the Araks Rive.

It is foreseen the construction of the following HPPs:

- Meghri HPP /about 100 MW capacity and around 800 million kWh annual electricity generation/  on Araks River

- Shnogh HPP /about 75 MW capacity and around 300 million kWh annual electricity generation/ on Debet River


 Proposed Investments Projects


Project 1


 Shnogh HPP

            The original design of the Shnokh HPP implemented by Armhydroenergy project is from 1966, which was updated in 1993.           Construction of the Armanis reservoir with 130 mln.m3 capacity will allow to construct a power station with 120MW of the installed capacity and 460 mln.Kw.h annual energy production.

            The head pond of Shnokh HPP will be constructed in the top of Debet River after the unification of Dzoraget and Pambak rivers. It is foreseen to correct the flow of Marts and Kistum steams on the derivation of Shnokh HPP.

            The characteristics of the Shnog HPPwithout construction of Armanis reservoir are as follows:
Design head - 247.3 m
Design discharge - 37 m3/s
Design Power Capacity - 76 MW
Annual Energy Production - 291.4 mlnKw.h
Derivation Length-22 km
daily regulated pond - 450 thous.m3


PreFeasibility Study download here:


On August 10, 2017 the Government of Armenia (GoA) adopted protocol decision N 973-A  «On approval of Framework Agreement signed between the Government of Armenia, «Debed Hydro» LLC and «Investors Club of Armenia»  closed-end contractual nonpublic investment fund for Design, Construction, Funding, Ownership, Possession and Exploitation of Shnogh Hydropower Plant with 76 MW Installed Capacity in Lori Region of RA».

 A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between «Debed Hydro» LLC, subsidiary of «Energy Invest Holding» CJSC and the American Robins Company, that have great international experience in boring of large tunnels.

The American company will invest in charter capital of «Debed Hydro» LLC by providing a Tunnel Boring Machine for boring the water pipe with 22 km length foreseen by «Shnogh» HPP construction program, training a local Armenian specialists for the exploitation of boring machine, as well as technical support during entire duration of boring works.

The sides are considering the participation of other investors in the Program.

The estimated cost of the implementation of «Shnogh» HPP construction program is about 150-190 mln USD.


Poject 2

Meghri HPP


            The feasibility study of ''Meghri'' HPP is implemented by Iranian ‘'Mahab Ghods'' consulting company by order of Iranian Water and Energy Development Company. The feasibility study development of Meghri HPP was coordinated and controlled by Armenian-Iranian Joint Technical Committee. In accordance with the feasibility study established in 2008 it is forseen to construct 2 HPPs on the river Araks: Meghri HPP in Armenian side and Gharachilar HPP on Iranian side.

            Megri HPP's main technical characteristics are as fallows:

Characteristics                                                Indexes


Design discharge                                                         160 m3/s

Design Power Capacity                                               100 (2х50) MW

Energy Production                                                      793 mlnKw.h

Derivation length (tunnel)                                             18200 m

Tunnel Inner diameter                                                  8.5 m

Design head                                                                90 m 

In the framework of the RA and IRI inter-governmental commissions activities it was decided to construct Meghri HPP and Gharachilar HPP with 100 MW installed capacity each, taking into the considerations the water resources new survey results.


Small HPPs of Armenia


As of the 1st of January, 2019 electricity was generated by 188 small HPPs, with about total 369 MW installed capacity.  In 2018 the generation of the electricity from small HPPs was around 1 billion kWxh,

As of the 1st of January, 2019 and according to the provided licenses, 33 additional SHPPs are under construction, with about total projected 66 MW capacity and 226 million kWxh electricity annual supply.

энергии около 226 млн. кВтxч.  



Scheme for development of small hydro power plants download here


The pre-feasibility studies for Small HPPs, which are included in the list approved by the above mentioned decision of the Government of RA, are accessible for investors.


The pre-feasibility studies download here