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Hrazdan Energy Company

Since the first day of its operation in 1966, the Hrazdan Power Plant became a leader in the Soviet power industry. Unfortunately, just within the last half of the decade the plant faced serious challenges. The years of triumphs and great achievements have been followed by an energy crisis and economic blockade, as well as reforms and transformations. However, it should be noted that the Hrazdan Power Plant has not only managed to survive, but it has also managed to run continuously since its activation. Moreover, it has succeeded in providing up to 70% of the power supply in the Republic of Armenia. This has been made possible due only to the most precious asset of the Hrazdan Energy Company – its personnel. Thanks to the incredible efforts of the operators, engineers, and dispatchers of the Hrazdan Energy Company (the “Company), it has been possible to maintain the functionality of the plant and generate electricity. Today we can add yet another significant accomplishment to the long list of achievements the Hrazdan Power Plant has managed to accumulate during the years of its existence: it has become an excellent example of business cooperation between Armenia and Russia. Being a state-owned asset of the Russian Federation, it continues to enhance and stimulate the friendship between these two countries, which have a long history going back several centuries. Currently all the efforts of the new management of the Company are aimed at improving the already existing good traditions, continuous improvement of the welfare of its employees and the safety, reliability, and economic efficiency of the production. The Hrazdan Power Plant is our home, and we are part of it. We have to and will work here. We will work and create, revealing our full potential and best qualities.