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Creating favorable conditions use for heating purposes solar energy

Promotion measures will be taken to promote the autonomous energy production in the renewable energy sector. For that purpose, RA Ministry of Energy infrastructures and Natural Resources has initiated a number of legislative amendments in the laws "On Energy Saving and Renewable Energy" and "On Energy", which will create conditions for medium and large consumers to generate electricity for their own needs. The proposed legislative amendments have already been approved by the government.

According to Deputy Minister of Energy infrastructures and Natural Resources of Armenia Hayk Harutyunyan, it is recommended to reconsider the current 150 kW limit for large consumers to meet their own needs through autonomous energy production.

As it is known, at present physical and legal persons can satisfy their needs, they can install up to 150 kW solar autonomous plants, generate electricity, and sell the surplus to "Electric Networks of Armenia".

In Hayk Harutyunyan's opinion, this capacity is not sufficient for large consumers, so it is recommended to revise the 150 kW limit and bring it to 500 kW by the changes law on "Energy". This will create a legislative basis for major electricity consumers to implement autonomous power generators to meet their own needs. In another Law- on "Energy Saving and Renewable Energy", it is proposed to establish conditions for the regulation of the flows between an autonomous energy producer using renewable energy resources and a licensee for electricity distribution. Accordingly, the calculation of compensation is changing. If the redemption is currently being monthly, it will offer it an annual turnaround. By the end of the year, the distribution company will calculate its share of the autonomous producer over the whole year, and only then will pay half the price for the supplied electricity.

- This will allow consumers to put more capacity and to observe the solar stations as a means of heating. That is to say, to produce extra electricity in the summer, so to keep the net, and get back in the winter with the same price. The existing law did not give this opportunity because the calculation of the exchange rate was done on a monthly basis, - said Hayk Harutyunyan.