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The Agreement on «Power Transmission Rehabilitation Project» Loan was Signed

On September 5, in the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources was signed the loan Agreement on  «Power Transmission rehabilitation Project», between the Republic of Armenia and the Asian Development Bank.


On behalf of the Republic of Armenia the Agreement was signed by the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Armenia Mr. Ervand Zakharyan, and on behalf of the Asian Development Bank the Agreement was signed by the Resident Representative in Armenia Mr. David Dole.



At a time, there was signed the Power Transmission rehabilitation Project Agreement between the Asian Development Bank, “High Voltage Electric Networks” company and “Electro Power Systems Operator” company.


The Asian Development Bank intends to provide the Republic of Armenia (Borrower) over 37 million dollars loan funds (25-year repayment term, including a 5 year preferential period and the annual interest rate of 2%).


The Program will be implemented by “Electro Power Systems Operator” CJSC and "High Voltage Electric Networks" CJSC.


The loan program will contribute to increase the countrie's energy security and the reliability of electricity supply to consumers, as well as the development of the mutually beneficial regional cooperation in the energy sector.


The program envisages to expand SCADA and energy management systems of control and data acquisition, as well as to rebuild the 220 ​​kV "Agarak-2" and "Shinuhayr" substations.


For the making of already embedded SCADA system completely operating and more effective, it is scheduled to install about 200 km of additional optics-fiber cable, significantly to increase the number of users of SCADA system, to modernize the existing software package and to create inter-server data exchange opportunity with SCADA systems of neighboring.


During the previous years, the ''Shinuhayr" 220 kV substation has been partially rebuilt and the 220 ​​kV voltage primary equipments of the substation have been replaced.


Within the frame of this program, there will be replaced the secondary chains and relаy protection and automation outdated installations, which do not comply with the requirements of reliable and safely electricity transmission.


It is intended to install an additional 220/110 kV auto-transformator in "Agarak 2" substation, which is directly connected to the Iranian 230 kV network, that will create a connection between the 220 ​​and 110 kV transmission lines in the current sector of the energy system and enable to provide the 110 kV "Agarak 1" substation’s consumers with the reserve supply of electricity.


The project is scheduled to finish in 2019.