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The ,,Nairit’s’’ problems were discussed in the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of RA

 On September 19, in the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of RA was held a consultation, about the issues of  ,,Nairit plant’’ CJSC, with the participation of deputies of the National Assembly of RA, members of factions, scientists, ,,Nairit’’ plant’s executives and representatives, as well as, the media. 


The main goal of the versatile meeting, initiated by the Ministry, was to choose the correct ways to improve the situation and to relaunch the “Nairit plant” CJSC, as well as, discuss the problems related the plant and their solution methods and future plans. 


As is known, for a long time, there is a social tension existing in the Nairit Plant, related to unpaid salaries and future fate of the employees.

The problems are always in the center of the President’s and the Prime Minister's attention.


There is an executive order already to develop and present a package of plant’s rehabilitation and relaunch proposals to the government.


 The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Yervand Zakharyan thanked the participants of the consultation and said:


 - The situation is really worrisome. The employees’ indignation, protest and demands are reasonable and fully justified.


 Over the last several years, the maintenance costs of the plant, as well as salaries payments are realized by the funds of the companies of energy system (in the form of borrowings), putting these companies in a heavy financial condition, said the Minister.


 According to the Minister, so far there have been no serious investment proposals, so it's time to listen to all interested sides, to sum up the proposals, to explore the technological solutions.