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The ANPP Repair Works are Going on According to the Schedule

On October 7, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Yervand Zakharyan visited the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant and got acquainted with the planned annual repair and recharging activities.

The ANPP construction works started on September 27 and will last for 46 days.

According to the Minister, there was a repair work schedule for the plant and today, the preventive repair works are going on according to the schedule.

For these works will be required approximately 3 billion drams, which is already calculated into the price, and the cost will not have any effect on the existing price.

- After the opening the reactor, there was found out, that it's necessary to carry out additional works, too.

-I mean the recovery works of 2 composite sutures of the steam generators, which we expected, but we did not prescribe, after the tour said the Minister Ervand Zakharyan.

-This work is very important and responsible, so we have invited the appropriate specialists from the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic.

According to the Minister, everything possible is being done, that additional works could have no influence on the period, and the ANPP to join the energy production network at the date of November 11.

Ervand Zakharyan also informed, that the research group was invited from the Russian Federation, which studies the technical condition of the equipment.

According to preliminary assessments, any problems related with the technical condition will not to be.

Overall, about 700 professionals are involved in ANPP's annual planned repair works.

As for the energy supply regimes, the Minister assured that, there are no problems with the power supply and cannot be, because at this time, the required quantity of electricity is taken from the 5th power unit of Hrazdan Thermal Plant.