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Customer:  Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources  of the Republic of Armenia

The aim of this call  is to involve a private partner  for the restoration of the industrial infrastructure of «Nairit plant».  

«Nairit Plant» was founded in 1933 

In 1936 the production of calcium carbide was launched with 20 thousand tonnes/year power.

In 1939 the caustic soda, chlorine and synthetic hydrochloric acid acquisition workshop units  were launched with a capacity of 7 thousand tonnes/year power (due to caustic soda).

In 1940  the production of monovinyl acetylene, chloroprene and Chlorophrene rubber with acetylene aquisition base out of calcium carbide was launched  with 7 thousand tonnes/year power.

In 1942 the power  reached up to 10 thousand tonnes/year.

In 1961 the power increased up to 45 thousand tonnes/year due to rubbers.

In 1964   the reconstruction of caustic soda evaporation workshop with 66 thousand tonnes/year power  increase  due to caustic soda of 100 %.

In 1965  the launch of natural gas based acetylene acquisition workshop.

In 1966-1970 reconstruction of monovinyl acetylene and chloroprene aquisition workshops increasing the power up to 75 thousand tonnes/year due to rubbers.

In 1969 the power increase of   natural gas based acetylene acquisition workshop  went up to 75 thousand tonnes/year thanks to the products’ acetylene calculation.

In  1970  the launch of monocarboxylic acid production of 35.5 thousand tonnes/year power due to acetic acid.

In 1980chloroprene acquisition  production release  out of butadiene   up to 75 thousand tonnes/year.

In 1986    the production of rubbers was  launched thanks to  new technology  with 50 thousand tonnes/year power.

In 1989   the operation of  plant  was  terminated  by  the resolution of  the SupremeCouncil of Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic (henceforth Armenian SSR) for environmental considerations.

In 1990-1991 the production of chlorine and consequently all the other productions were relaunched  by the resolution of Supreme Council of the Republic of Armenia

In 1994 the  workshop   of chloroprene  acquisition out of acetylene was re-launched with 10 thousand tonnes/year power.

In 2010  the plant’s operation was terminated and  the plant has not been operating since then.

Presently  there are 5 basic productions  involved in the plant structure.

●  Natural gas-based production of acetylene

●  Acetylene-based production of chloroprene and butadiene(divinyl)-based production of chloroprene

● Production of rubbers

●Production of chlorine and caustic soda

● monocarboxylic acids  production (Acetic Acid, Formicidae Acid, Propynoic Acid)

As well as auxiliary productions.

The  premises of the company  constitute  about 160 hectares and 137,7 hectares in the city of Yerevan,  9,5 hectares in  the city of Abovyan, Kotayk Province, RA and 12,7 hectares in Noramarg village, Ararat Province, RA. There are  443 blocks of flats and buildings located in the area in total of 431 894 m2 surface and 265 250 m2 of basic industrial meaning, 58 580 m2 of auxiliary  meaning, 49 648 m2 of warehouse, 29 934 m2 of administrative-household and other blocks of flats and buildings of 28 482 m2.

The infrastructure of the companyincludes;

● 53 35/6/0,4 kW voltage substations

● Main cables of 156 km of 6 and 35 kW voltage 1,9 km of which is aerial

● Drinking Water Main Pipelines of 21 km

● Technical water Main pipelines of 51,5 km

● 13 atmosphere pressure and 25 atmosphere pressure main steam lines of 9 km

● 3,2 km main gas transmission pipelines

●15,7 km drainage main sewer line

●7 km main sewer line for chemical contaminated wastewaters

●14,8 km main sewer line for economic household wastewater

● 40,3 km main rubber-lined pipeline

● 16,4 km railway line.

In compliance with assessments of the studies performed at «Nairit Plant» by «Jacobs Consultancy» company done in 2012-2013 the re-launch of chlorophrene rubber production based on butadiene base shallrequire 160 million US dollars for 25 thousand tonnes and 216 million US dollars for 35 thousand tonnes.

The Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources of the Republic of Armenia, in compliance with the resolution of general meeting of shareholders of «NairitPlant» CJSC,  invites  the corresponding organizations to submit an application of interest /letter/ which can be attached to the preliminary re-enactment program of industrial infrastructures of Nairit plant for the purpose of re-enactment of industrial infrastructures of Nairit plant.

The interested organizations  shall also submit such  documents,  attached to the letter of interest  which shall prove  the company’s or its founder’s  experience  in carrying out similar programs in the last ten years, as well as the company’s or the  founder’s financial reports, balance sheets and  reports on financial  results supported  by an auditor’s conclusion in the last 3 years.

The applicants are expected to meet the following requirements:

a)     The applicant or his/her representative carried out at least a program of 60 million US dollars and other similar programs

b)     The annual income in the last three years added up to no less than 100 million US dollars.

Interested organizations, which meet the requirements of the program, shall be suggested to prepare a re-enactment program /Program/ within a period of three months.For this purpose they will be given a chance to perform a detailed examination, to obtain   all the necessary information and available analyses. In addition, unbiased operational assistance will be provided during the preparatory stage of the program.

The program includes, but is not limited to:

  • Consumer market and logistics analysis,  information on participants, their production cost/quality
  •  Analysis of international pricing trends of the product during last few years,  possible scenarios for coming years
  • Evaluation of investments and funding scheme
  • Product cost calculation and the  factor analysis of its components
  • Forecast  of financial flows and profitability assessments
    • Public-private partnership schemes and conditions, if applicable.

The application (the letter of interest) can be sent to the following address until January 20, 2017 (3PM).




«Nairit Plant» CJSC

ChiefEngineer Vyacheslav Ananyan

Republic of Armenia, Yerevan city, Bagratunyants str., #70

☏/fax (010) 440 127, E-mail: