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Procurement Notice:

Contract for Supply





Reference No.:


BMZ-Nr. 2007 66 253

Bid Opening:


26.01.2017 or  January  26, 2017 at 12:00 o’clock (Armenian time)

Name of Project:


Reconstruction of the 220/110/10kV Substation Gyumri II Supply of Machinery


Tender Procedure:

Contract for Supply

Contracting Authority:

Vysokovoltnye Seti


1 Zoravar Andranik Street

Yerevan 0084




Am Trippelsberg 45
40589 Düsseldorf

Phone:           +49 211 7108-400

Fax:               +49 211 7108-499





KfW Development Bank


This Invitation for Bid follows the general procurement notice for this Project which was published in Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI), in the Republic of Armenia official newspapers and at the Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources and HVEN’s web-sites, on 13.12.2016.


HVEN CJSC as contracting authority invites qualified bidders to submit their offers as a General Supplier for the purchase and supply of the machinery for a project on a turn-key basis. The following machinery is to be covered:


  • Cargo and passenger vehicle
  • Motor car laboratory
  • Mobile car workshop
  • Tracked bulldozer
  • Truck crane
  • Hydraulic crane on trailer
  • Truck manipulator
  • Hydraulic elevated work platforms
  • Tools and training


The project is financed by the KfW as part of the financial cooperation between Armenia and the Federal Republic of Germany.


The tender is international, open for all tenderers who fulfil the following main criteria:

  • The tenderer must have completed at least one (1) project of the same nature comparable to the supply concerned over the last 5 years
  • The average annual turnover in the last five (5) years must be not less than 3 million Euros in the field of handling machinery.

Additionally the Bidder must have access to credit and other financial facilities adequate to assure the required cash flow for the duration of the Contract. In any case, the amount of credit available for the execution of the Project (and not already committed to other activities) should be a minimum of 2 million Euros.

  • Financial statements and independent auditor’s reports for the last five (5) years, which must be enclosed in the qualification documents
  • The tenderer has to prove his capability to deliver any requested spare parts and tools within 4 weeks to Yerevan.
  • The tenderer must attach an affidavit that there is no set up or claimed the event of bankruptcy or settlement proceedings against the assets of his company. Also that no liquidation of the company is ongoing.
  • For associations are the criteria by one partner to be fulfilled
  • 200.000 EUR Bid Bond guarantee original shall be included in qualification documents



Received bids, which do not fulfil the above-mentioned criteria, will be excluded from the evaluation process.


The tender procedure will be in line with KfW regulations


Tender Documents may be obtained from the address below upon payment of a non-refundable fee of 200 EUR or equivalent in a convertible currency [Account No.2470139122970030 at ARDSHIN BANK, SWIFT/BIC Code: ASHBAM22].


“High Voltage Electric Networks” CJSC (HVEN)
1 Zoravar Andranik Street
Yerevan, 0084

Phone: +374 (10) 72-51-40  +374 (60) 72-00-16



Upon request, the Documents will be promptly dispatched by courier. The Employer shall not be responsible in case of loss or late delivery.

Bid submission will be parallel in Yerevan, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt on 26.01.2017 at 12:00 (Armenian time).