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Announcement: The legislative requirements for the acquisition of mining rights have been changed

Legal relations related to waste management and recycling of waste materials from now on will be regulated by the RA National Assembly in 2016, adopted on October 18, "On Making Additions and Amendments to the Code of MInd the Republic of Armenia ", "On Making Addendum to the Law on Waste" and "RA Laws on Making Amendments to the Law on Nature Protection and Nature Use Payments", which came into force on May 4 2017.

Thus, in order to obtain the right of entrails use, it is necessary to be guided by the new requirements set out in the above-mentioned laws.

It should be reminded that 13 out of 17 sub-legislative acts developed to ensure the implementation of the RA Law on Making Amendments and Addenda to the Code of the Republic of Armenia on the Earth's Entry were adopted by the RA Government.