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The power supply is recovered

The power supply is recovered


On November 2, at 10:24am, the energy system of Armenia disengaged from the energy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Therefore immediately launched the Relays control system, and there were power outages in a number of areas of the country.


Note, that, on September 22,  Armenia’s nuclear power plant was disconnected from the energy production grid, to conduct refueling, annual planned overhaul, and raising the level of safety; this  work will last 54 days. So these days, the 190  MVa power electricity was being imported from Iran to Armenia. In the result of the isolation, the energy frequency was down to 45 Hz, which is why there were power outages somewhere.


But at 10:26am, the joint operation between the energy systems of Iran and Armenia was restored. At 11:30am, the electricity of the 70 percent of the country’s electricity consumers was restored. A few hours later, the other consumers electricity was restored, too.


At this time, by the commission of the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Armen Movsisyan a professional investigation is underway to find out the causes of the incident and to avoid such problems in future.