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The 6th Technical Conference Devoted to Safe Operation of ANPP was Held in Yerevan

On September 3-4, in Yerevan /ANPP /, was held the 6th Technical Conference on ANPP safe operation, devoted to the coordination of shown international assistance to ANPP.

The representatives of the IAEA, the U.S., the EU assistance program in the ANPP (AOSA), the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic took part in the conference.


The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Yervand Zakharyan welcomed the participants of the 6th Technical Conference of the safe operation of ANPP.


The Minister noted:


-We very much appreciate the chosen format of discussion, classification, financing and implementation of the programs and activities aimed at enhancing the energy security of the power unit, operating under the coordination of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).


All participating countries - the U.S., Russia, the EU, the Czech Republic, Slovakia have great contribution in the maintaining of technically normal condition of the operating power unit.


There are significant achievements in this area, but there are still things to do.


That's why our government will be grateful to IAEA and to all member countries for the making that process continuous in such a format, until the 2026, when block be stopped.


According to Yervand Zakharyan, in 2013, when it became evident, that the Republic of Armenia is not able to implement the new power unit construction project due to financial problems, it was decided to extend the operation of operating power unit for 10 years.


The RA government, in March, 2014, has approved the "The Armenian NPP operation extension program."


The Minister also informed that, there was reached an agreement with Russian ‘’Rosatom’’ Corporation, on including a series of measures in the operating unit extending program, directed to the safety increasing.


-Taking advantage of the opportunity, once again, I roll up my request to the representatives of the governments of donor countries, to pursue the realization of other measures within the frame of this format, and until the power unit will stop, said Yervand Zakharyan.

The participants of the 6th Technical Conference of the safe operation of ANPP also welcomed the IAEA's technical representative Miroslav Lipare.

- I am impressed with the representative staff, which participates in this conference.


I would like to thank all participating countries for support.


During the previous conference there was stressed the fact,  that the Consultations of International Atomic Energy Agency are a good tool for the coordination of measures aimed at enhancing the security and for the dissemination of accurate information.


Serious financing may be needed for the Armenia's nuclear power plant modernization.


Therefore, it is necessary the participating countries' support ", said Lipare.


The 6th Technical consultations, devoted to ANPP safe operation, are carried out by the coordination of IAEA, jointly with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of RA.


The first conference was held in Vienna, in December, 2005, and the 5th Conference was in Armenia, in October 2011.


After the last consultation, the ANPP has continued the systematic work performance s, aimed at enhancing to the safety, during which there have been invested 14 large-scale events.


The most significant among these are:

  1. The seismic qualification testing of operating power unit’s block’s safety-related systems and equipments within the IAEA program framework;
  2. The modernization of nuclear fuel reloading machine;
  3. The contribution  of events of the project aimed at enhancing for the habitability area of control panel;
  4. The installation of hazard warning panel (ΠΑΟ) and post-accident monitoring system (СΠΜ);

5. The installation of a full-scale trainer dismantled from the Bohunitse nuclear power plant.


After the 5th coordinating consultation, there were implemented 2 projects, in the framework of No. 2 reactor’s seismic safety reassessment.


From April 2013, there was organized a Mission by IAEA, for the assessment of the possibility of safely extension of the station's No. 2 power unit operation.