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Symbolic Fire was lit and Gas Supply was launched in the Towns of Meghri and Agarak

On December 21, the official launch of the gas distribution network of the Iran bordering towns of Meghri and Agarak was held. On the day of Iranian President Hasan Rouhani's official visit to the Republic of Armenia a symbolic fire was lit and and the gas supply was launched.

The construction program of gas distribution network of Meghri and Agarak became possible by the assistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran provided 2 million USD as a grant for this project.

In its turn, the Armenian government assumed expenditures of customs, taxes and other obligatory payments resulting from the supply of products and services of the loan resources.

The construction works of Meghri and Agarak were carried out by Iranian Sanergy group. Within the project around 26,5 km gas pipelines were built in Meghri and around 4,8 km gas pipelines with different pressures in Agarak. Also around 1 km high pressure pipeline and gas distribution station was built to provide gas supply in Meghri, as well as in neighboring areas. The construction works lasted a few months and now the project was successfully completed. As a result, the whole town of Meghri and the half of Agarak (over 50%) have gas supply.