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Gyumri-2 substation was completely restored

On September 13, the official opening ceremony of High-Voltage Electric Networks CJSC’s restored Gyumri-2 substation took place. The President of RA Serzh Sargsyan also attended in  the opening ceremony on his working visit to Shirak marz.


The Minister of Energy and Natural Resourses of RA Yervand Zakharyan welcomed to the participants of the event and mentioned.  «This substation has an important role for safe electricity providing for Gyumri and the whole Shirak marz, and for regional electricity exchanges».


During the tour Serzh Sargsyan was presented the substation’s renovation loan and other investment projects being implemented at High-Voltage Electric.


The substation was built in 1972-1973 and has a local and regional strategic importance. It feeds Gyumri city and Shirak region and is linked to the Georgian energy system through 110 KW air line and to the Turkish energy system through Ghars 220 KW airline. As a result of exploitation the main and auxiliary equipment of the substation has been depreciated physically and morally.


Pursuant to the Gyumri-2 renovation loan agreement signed between the German Development Bank, the RA Ministry of Finance and High-Voltage Electric Networks CJSC, the construction works of the substation started on October 14, 2011. The entire volume of the substation’s construction and assembly works finished on February 13, 2014 in line with the date specified in the agreement.


Within the framework of the project the depreciated and old equipment of the substation has been replaced with modern new equipment corresponding to international norms and standards as a result of which, according to the executives, the substation’s technical losses, exploitation costs, emergency breakdowns and the inefficiency will reduce. On the other hand, the overall reliability and security of the substation and the whole energy system will increase.


Gyumri-2 is the 4th fully-renovated 220 KW substation after Vanadzor-2, Kamo and Alaverdi-2 substations.