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Тhe Laboratory for Technical and Forensic Analysis of Nuclear and Radioactive Materials Is opened at the ANPP

Օn January 18, the laboratory for technical and forensic analysis of nuclear and radioactive materials was opened at the Armenian NPP. The laboratory has set up by the U.S. State Department’s founds for technical support. The laboratory has an aim to realize an analysis for the nuclear and radioactive materials. It will be possible to increase the efficiency of works against the spread of weapons of mass destruction, as well as of nuclear and radioactive materials due to this laboratory. The U.S. delegation by the leadership of the U.S. Ambassador in Armenia John Heffern, the employees of the Energy and Natural Resources and of Foreign Affairs Ministries.... View more


On December 22, the shortest day of light, Armenian power engineering specialists celebrate their professional day-the Day of power engineering specialist. Of course the day is festive, but also is labor: Armenian power engineering specialists are working day and night. Due to their difficult and responsible work there is light and warmth in each Armenian family and home.... View more

The ANPP restarted the electricity production

On November 27, at 3.20 am, Armenian Nuclear Power Plant restarted working and joined the network of public generate electricity. Note, that the plant's electricity production was suspended on September 15, in order to overhaul, insertion of security arrangements and recharge. The capital repair works must be realized every four years.... View more

The construction of Meghri HPP was commenced

On November 8, the foundation laying ceremony of Meghri HPP took place in Meghri, in Syunik region, with participation of RA President Serzh Sargsyan. The Iranian representative delegation, led by Energy Minister, Iranian Co-Chairman of Armenian-Iranian Intergovernmental Commission Majid Namjoo attended the ceremony. The foundation laying ceremony of Meghri HPP opened RA Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Armen Movsisyan.The Minister said: -The construction of Meghri HPP will enable us to provide an additional amount of electricity that has a great importance for the development of economies of our countries.... View more

The 11-th session of Armenia-Iran Intergovernmental Commission took place in Yerevan

On October 24, 2012, the 11-th session of the RA-IRI Intergovernmental Joint Commission began in Yerevan. The Iranian delegation, headed by the Minister of Energy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Majid Namjou, the Co-chairman of the Iranian side of the Commission, visited to Yerevan to participate in the session.There were representatives and specialists of different economic spheres in the delegation staff, also.The RA Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Armen Movsisyan, the Co-chairman of the Armenia-Iran Intergovernmental Commission, and IRI Minister of Energy Majid Namjou opened the 11-th session of the RA-IRI Intergovernmental Joint Commission. ... View more

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