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In pursuance of the order N12 dated 20.01.1997, of Ministry of Energy of RoA, proceeding from the improvement necessity in Energy System of RoA, "High Voltage Electrical Networks" as a subsidiary company was established in the structure of "Armenergo" State Enterprise on 30.06.1997.

Based on the decision N450 dated 20.07.1998 of the Government of RoA, "High Voltage Electrical Networks" CJSC (HVEN CJSC) was established on 21.08.1998 in a way of reorganization of subsidiary company as "High Voltage Electrical Networks" CJSC.
The main objects and goals of HVEN CJSC are the transmission of energy via 220-110kV electrical networks, existing in the balance of HVEN CJSC.

The problems of HVEN CJSC are as follows:

  • The implementation of 220-110kV electrical networks service operation, maintenance, reconstruction, retooling and design works.
  • The extension and development of transmission networks.
  • The construction of energy facilities and high voltage transmission lines.
    • The providing of OHL and substation equipment operations without failure and readiness to bear the requested load.

• The providing of safety work, and the arranging the preparation and improvement of professional qualification of personnel.

110-220kV electrical networks

In the balance of HVEN CJSC as on 01.01.2004. there are 15 substations of 220kV, in which the total power of installed 36 power transformers is 2750.0 MVA and one "Agarak" 220kV Swithching Point, 110-220kV OHL with 1870.24km long, including 330kV -164.0km long, 220kV-1301.13km long and 110kV-405.11km long as per design clearances.
The capacity of power transformers, installed and being under operation at the substations, satisfies the transmission of consumed electrical energy.

Energy system of RoA via "Agarak" 220kV Swithching Point is connected with Energy system of IRI by "Ahar- 1,2" 220kV interstate lines, and by "Alaverdi" 220kV, "Lalvar" and "Javakhq" 110kV OHL are connected with energy system of Republic of Georgia.

The highest and the lowest towers as per territory.

N80 tower of "Meghri" 220kV OHL. is the highest tower of HVEN CJSC, which is situated in 2717m height in Guliberd mountain pass, Aramazd and Katar mountains tips saddles of Bargushat mountain range.

N1 tower of "Ahar- 1,2" 220kV OHL at beach of Araks river is the lowest tower by 550m height.

 HVEN CJSC investment and grant projects

HVEN CJSC acting as a "Client" has already successfully implemented and is now implementing a number of construction and rehabilitation works, foreseen by investment and grant projects, which are as follows:

1. At the HVEN CJSC 110/220kV substations, aimed at to reduce the electrical losses, the mechanical meters had been replaced by electronic meters of ABB company, by the means out of the grant with the total amount of $ USA 15 mln. extended by USAID to the Energy System of RoA.

2. The full reconstruction of "Vanadzor-2" and "Kamo" substations, by amount of 27.5 mln. DM, stipulated by the "Agreement on Extending the Loan and Financing the Project" signed on 21.12.1998 between HVEN CJSC, KfW Bank and Ministry of Finance and Economy of the RoA, based on Agreement about the financial cooperation, signed on 27.07.1998 between the Governments of Republic of Armenia and Federal Republic of Germany, has already 3 years that finished and the substations have been successfully put into operation (completely retooled with modern west-European equipment).

3. By the saved amount of € 4.2 mln. as a result of the reconstruction of above-mentioned substations and amount of € 4.7 mln., stipulated by the "Loan and Project Agreement" signed on 21.11.2003 between HVEN CJSC, KfW Bank and Ministry of Finance and Economy of the RoA, "Alaverdi-2" substation is currently being reconstructed, the commissioning of which is foreseen on 06.10.2006.

4. "Shinuhair", "Eghegnadzor", "Ashnak", "Ararat-2", "Zovuni", "Shahumyan-2", "Lichk" and "Marash" 220kV substations, stipulated by "Development Credit Agreement" signed on 30.03.1999. between USAID and RoA, have been partially reconstructed by the total amount of $ USA 19 mln. and put into operation on 2005.

5. For construction of 2.6MW Wind Power Plant in Pushkin pass and monitoring of Sisian wind measurement, the Ministry of Energy of IRI has extended the grant of $ USA 3.5mln. to Ministry of Energy of RoA, stipulated by the agreement dated 08.10.2003 and Appendix dated 12.07.2004 thereto. On December 2005 the above-mentioned 4 wind power plants have been put into operation.

6. "Agarak-Shinuhair" 220kV the second OHL and "Agarak" Switching Point have been constructed by the means of $ USA 8.4 mln. as per the agreement signed on 16.10.2002 between "Sunir" company of Islamic Republic of Iran and HVEN CJSC.

7. "Meghri-Kajaran" 40km section of Iran-Armenia Natural Gas Transmission Line  construction is completed as per the contract of amount of $ USA 35 mln. signed on 08.09.2004 between HVEN CJSC of RoA and "Sunir" company of IRI, following to Financing Agreement N1500/PFA/ARM-01 dated 17.08.2004. As on 10.07.2006, 28630m trench is excavated, 5834m pipe is welded, 34600m platform is prepared and 15630m pipe is painted.

8. The third 400kV OHL, 312 km long from "Agarak" up to "Hrazdan" TPP will be constructed as per the contract signed on 05.07.2006 in the limits of amount of € 75.3 mln. between HVEN CJSC of RoA and "Sunir" company of IRI, following to Financing Agreement N850/M/ARM/06 dated 17.05.2006.

9. As per the agreement dated 16.05.2008 on “Financial Cooperation” between the Government of Federal Republic of Germany and the Government of Republic of Armenia, German KfW bank expressed its willingness to extend loan for fulfillment of the following projects

a)   Rehabilitation of “Gyumri-2” 220/110/10 kV substation                                - 14,6 mln. Euro

b)  Construction of “Armenia-Georgia” high voltage transmission line                - 20,4 mln. Euro

In the frameworks of “Gyumri-2” 220/110/10 kV substation rehabilitation project, “Loan and Project Agreement” amounting 14.6 mln. Euro was signed on 30.01.2009 among the Ministry of Finance of Republic of Armenia, German KfW bank and HVEN CJSC.

10. As per the “Supply Contract” signed on 25.03.2009 between SIEMENS AG (Austria) and HVEN CJSC, 110kV outdoor switchgear of “Vanadzor-1” substation is under partial rehabilitation (project deadline is the end of third quarter of 2009) by the means of 1,3 mln. Euro saved from “Alaverdi-2”substation rehabilitation project amounted 4,7 mln. Euro, which was extended by German KfW bank.

11. As per the “General Agreement” No CATIC/ARM/20090918 signed between the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Republic of Armenia and CATIC Beijing Co. of People's Republic of China, a loan amounting  95,0 mln. Euro shall be extended for rehabilitation and reconstruction of 10 high voltage substations

12. Agreement was gained between World Bank and The Government of Republic of Armenia to extend advance payment loan amounting 1,0 mln. dollar for preparation of “Electricity Supply Reliability and Energy Efficiency” project,. By the project it is foreseen to construct 220kV new OHL with 220km length.

HVEN CJSC is a Sub-borrower for the above-mentioned project. The process is in the stage of signing “Advance Agreement” and “On-lending Agreement”.

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